In Memoriam II (C64)

Connect 4 (C64) cracked

The Edge leaves the scene, Thomas leaves and joins Austrian Cracking Crew, Lazer is dead

November 1st

B-Bobs (C64) cracked & +2 trained

Blockbuster leaves Depredators and joins

some members leave Holocaust and join

mid October

Hard Drivin' (C64) cracked

Zeron leaves, renames into Redon MC and joins Tristar, The Mysterious Art leave and join Tristar and Silver who is already in Tristar using the nick Design leaves

October 8th

Bit Exorcist (C64) cracked


Scythe renames into Silver, Extasy renames into Zeron

after September?

Algot (C64) logos for Fairlight

September 21st

Django (C64) cracked & docs added

Celluloid (C64) cracked


Megabyte leaves T'Pau and joins


Atom Ant (C64) cracked & +3 trained

August 26th

Declem (C64) cracked & +2 trained


Art of an Era (C64)

members: The Edge, Bocaderf, Thomas, Extasy, Count Hadik, Craig, TMA, Mystery, Marc, Syntech, Stefan, Jean, Gorbi, Scythe


Dux leaves, renames into Madman amd re-builds Tristar

DJ Ecstasy joins


Charlie leaves T'Pau and joins


Mystery gets kicked out and Syntech leaves


Craig and Stefan leave


Dynasty Wars (C64) cracked, +3 trained & highscoresaver installed

Bloodwych (C64) cracked


Flash, Jean, Jesus, Mavil, New-H and Ranger leave

few weeks later

A-Man leaves


A-Man joins

Gorbi gets kicked out


Stir Crazy featuring BoBo (C64) cracked


International 3D Tennis (C64) cracked

June 12th

Blood Money (C64) cracked & +6 trained

June 9th

Atomix (C64) cracked & +2 trained

two months after Spring

Craig re-joins

shortly after May

New-H and Ranger join


Dux joins


Flash, Jesus and Mavil join

May 10th

Back to Future (C64)

Craig gets caught by the police and leaves the group and the scene for a short while

Gorbi and Jean join

members: Bocaderf, Syntech, Stefan, Thomas, Jean, Gorbi, The Edge, TMA, CHK, Scythe, Extasy, Mystery, Marc

April 27th

Alien (C64) cracked & +2 trained

April 26th

Air Dance II (C64) music for The Ancient Temple

April 21st

Chris leaves the group and the scene and Marc joins

members: Bocaderf, Marc, Count Hadik, Scythe, Stefan, The Edge, Craig, Extasy, Thomas, Mystery, Syntech, The Mysterious Art

April 20th

Dan Dare 3 (C64) cracked & +4 trained


Blinky's Scary School (C64) cracked & +2 trained


Ninja Spirit cracked by Crest - Trainer Menu (C64) code for Crest in co-op with Actual

April 3rd

Baby Jack (C64) cracked & +4 trained


TSL re-renames into Thomas

March 26th

Fantasy World Dizzy (C64) cracked & +3 trained

before April

Bocaderf leaves Yankees and joins

March 15th

Black Tiger (C64) cracked, +8 trained & highscoresaver installed

the co-op with Actual splits up


Syrincs gets kicked out


Scythe and The Mysterious Art join

late February

After the War (C64) cracked, +3 trained & password added in co-op with Actual

BBS: +41-1492-5157 (ehq)


Soft Cell leaves the group and the scene

January / February

Syrincs joins

January 6th

Piss Off (C64)

December 26th

Blue Angel 69 (C64) cracked

end of the year

The Sound Ghost leaves the group and the C64 and joins Tristar on the Amiga

December 16th

Chase H.Q. (C64) cracked

December 14th

Beverly Hills Cop (C64) cracked

December 9th

Fallen Angel (C64) cracked, +4 trained & debugged

Slayer renames into TSL, leaves Ahead and re-joins

members: The Edge, Soft Cell, Chris, CHK, Syntech, Craig, TSG, Stefan, Extasy, TSL


Loop and Wiz leave


Came and Make are kicked out


Extasy leaves Array and joins

late November

Hip-Hop (C64)

Slayer and DTR are kicked out

members: Count Hadik, Lloyd, Airwolf, Heatseeker, TSG, Helios, Stefan, Wiz of Sound, Syntech, Chris, Soft Cell, Craig, Armyant, Came, Make, Loop, The Edge

November 25th

Final Tennis (C64) cracked

late November

Footballer of the Year II (C64) cracked

members: Soft Cell, Craig, The Edge, Syntech, Chris, GHK, Stefan, TSG

November 20th

Airwolf, Armyant, Heatseeker, Helios and Lloyd leave and join Manowar


Bushido (C64) cracked

Continental Circus (C64) cracked & +4 trained

early? November

Blast'em (C64) cracked, +2 trained & music ripped

November 6th

Dragon Spirit (C64) cracked & +2 trained

shortly before November

Soft Cell re-joins


Came and Make join

October 23rd

Die! Alien Slime (C64) cracked & +2 trained


Don't Happy 2 (C64) music for Heaven 17


Batman the Movie (C64) cracked & +3 trained in co-op with Crest


Malcolm leaves


Gemini Wing (C64) cracked & +2 trained


Airwolf, Armyant, DTR, Heatseeker, Lloyd, Loop and Wiz leave Royzex and join

Helios, Slayer and Syntech join

Racer-X gets kicked out

September 11th

First Strike (C64) cracked

Captain Fizz (C64) cracked

August 28th

10000 (C64)


Crazy Banana and Jack Ready leave

early August

Citadel (C64) cracked & +2 trained

Chris and Graf Hadik leave Vamp and join

two months later

Ultimax leaves


Racer-X and The Sound Ghost join

Thomas renames into Slayer, leaves and joins Ahead

Vamp leaves


The Cross (C64)

June 17th (Lazer & Weird Science Party)

Shit Co Demo (C64) released in co-op with 711

NIB renames into Malcolm

late May

H.A.T.E. (C64) cracked


X-Ray Intro (C64) code & logo for X-Ray

early May

FireTrack (C64) cracked? & +1 trained

April 23rd (Crazy-Party)

A Trip to the Alps (C64) released in co-op with The Voice

Nasty joins


Advanced Pinball Simulator (C64) cracked

Blasteroids (C64) cracked

Atomic joins


Unblushing! (C64)

Floyd leaves and joins Cosmos


Stefan joins


Espionage (C64) cracked

Ultimax joins

shortly after

Ford leaves


Craig and Ford join and Zak leaves


Nick leaves and quits the scene, Thomas joins


Sly and Soft Cell leave

DRF renames into The Edge


Techno joins

December 16th

The Christmasdemo (C64)

HSC and Storm leave

members: Soft Cell, Vamp; sub-group The Crack Machines: Dr Firlefanz, Ni Boss, Mr Macho, Sly; sub-group Matoga: Knatterton, Jack Ready, Floyd


Batman (C64) cracked

November 25th

Headline Intro (C64) code & logo? for Headline


Live and Let Die (C64) cracked

members: TCM, Soft Cell, Vamp, Matoga, Acid


Crazy Banana, Floyd and Jack Ready join

one month later?

Albion leave

some weeks later?

Virus gets kicked out

October 29th

BMX Ninja (C64) cracked

October 27th

Cybernoid II (C64) frozen

members: TCM, Virus, Softcell, Albion, Vamp, Acid

October 10th

Danger Freak (C64) +2 trained the Lions crack

members: TCM, Softcell, Albion, Virus, Acid, Vamp

early October

Barbarian II (C64) imported the New Bencor Brothers crack

members: Soft Cell, TCM, Virus, Albion, Vamp

early October

Vamp joins

shortly after?

Albion join


Virus joins

August 8th

Bumping Buggies (C64) cracked & +1 trained

July 31st

Hummdinger (C64) cracked & +1 trained


Lazer is founded by Dr Firlefanz of The Crack Machines and Softtiger, who leaves Actual Cracking Entertainment and renames into Softcell


Nostalgia Intro (C64) music

November 25th

Creation Intro (C64) font from 'Back to Future'


Tristar Intro (C64) font from 'Back to Future'


Hurricane Intro (C64) music from 'Hip-Hop'

March 15th

Party III (C64) music

February 3rd

Party II (C64) music