February 14th, 2016

Website is still being updated behind the scenes with
credits updates or adding of new versions ("cracks") of
games already in database.

- Sorry for the lame menu system, I don't have the
  slightest motivation to do a new one
- Important: if you want any of your personal info
  removed, just e-mail (letter icon to the left!)
- I intend to replace C64 music which is played online
  by using a plug-in for the file format .sid with
  recordings of real C64 (and other platforms too) tunes
  As the database consists of several thousand entries
  you can imagine this being very very much work. And I
  don't own a Hardsid, a hardware expansion for the PC
  which includes a real SID music chip.

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February 10th, 2015

Here's the promised plug-in for music of the
Commodore 64 sound chip SID: click to download.
Put it in the appropriate plug-in folder if it
won't work for itself. Mind: It's very probably
incompatible with all newer browers. Works fine
for me e.g. in Firefox 20.0.01...

Also three new games added to the database:
Hotfoot 2 (C64), Dr.Foster (C64)
and Kokotoni Wilf (C64).

February 6th, 2015

Pirate's Portal is back in full affect.

Hope you enjoy your trip.

For anything click on the envelope to the left to
mail me.

On many pages you would need SID-Plug for music
which works in old browsers only anyway, so you
better put the error mess in your browser that the
plug-in couldn't be activated, on ignore.
The rest of the pages will be absolutely fine
without any SID tune doodling along.

For users who delibareteley use old browsers and
want to listen to SID tunes but can't find the
plug-in, I will upload a .zip containing it
the next days.

Also use the [F11] key in your browser for full fx,
this is much better browsing an encyclopaedia.

I'm very glad that the site is back on my old home


Many thanks to Astrofra for hosting it.

yours, Adam aka Rough

Ah yes, SEND IN HIGHSCORES! I trust people
who are into old games, my age, being adult enough
not to cheat or fake scores.

This welcome page heavily needs a refresh