February 6th

Wanna Buy a Logo?? (C64) logo by Graphic Artwork Design of Tetragon


Ahead die after their party

January 6th

Mike Marine leaves


Jacky leaves and founds Brave

December 9th

Slayer renames into TSL leaves and re-joins Lazer

early? November

they are in co-op with Brand-X


Current Ahead Memberlist (C64)

BBS: Euroboard +41-13-719899

members: Agaric, The Slayer, Zorlac, Sorbos, Lizard, Softvirus, CCCP, Nasty

early September

Cosmic Pirate (C64) cracked

BBS: +41-13-719899


Thomas renames into Slayer, leaves Lazer and joins

June / July