early February

Psychedelic II (C64)

Toy joins

February 6th

Wanna Buy a Logo?? (C64)


Big Fos joins

November 14th

Needles and Pins (C64) logo for Atrix

August 19th (Venlo-Meeting 8/89)

Just for Venlo ! (C64)

members: Qual I, Led, Axel, Jumbo, Trox, JBM, The Wizace, The Predator, Dr. Ache, Terrormex

late September?

Barbarian II (C64) imported the SCG crack in co-op with Hotline


Side Drum!! (C64)

April 18th

Cooperation Demo (C64) released in co-op with Iron Eagle

members : Qual I, Led, Saboteur, Baze, Laser, Qual II, Cosmos, R.I.W, Thunderbolt, Goony, The Duke, Emotional Mozes, Mr.Tempter, Timer, TCF

November 20th

Combat School (C64) cracked in co-op with Super Swap Sweden

November 1st (The Silents Hacker-Party)

1 Mhz (C64)

members: Laser, Qual I, Qual II, Cosmos

early February

Novation! (C64) graphics from 'Psychedelic II'

April 30th

Gothik cracked by Danish Dream Line - Docs (C64) code from 'Tetragon Write-Editor'

February 15th

Bedlam cracked by Actual Cracking Entertainment - Docs (C64) code from 'Tetragon Write-Editor'