Crasher (C64) font for Mikkel Jakobsen, font already used in '1 Weeks Work'

June 5th

Dagger, Exulans and Zensonic leave Dunex and re-build Atrix

end of the year (Dexion Party)

Krabatmania (C64)

December 21st

Edd the Duck! (C64) cracked & +3 trained

December 15th

The Freaks Intro (C64) code, logo & music for The Freaks

October 10th

Hard Drivin' (C64) cracked

October 2nd?

The Walk of Life (C64)

members: Zyborg, Dagger, Zensonic, Exulans, Stiff, Beat, Fly


Stiff joins

August 6th

Blib Blob (C64)

Zeus leaves

July 27th?

member of Federation Against OMG

between June 23rd - mid July

RCS and Trix leave


Logo Show 12 (C64) logo by Extend

June 23rd (Daniax Party)

Fruit Machine Simulator 2 (C64) cracked & +1 trained

May 14th

Skater of Fortune (C64) graphics for Demotion

May 9th

Tricks III (C64)

members: Zyborg, Fly, R.C.S., Trix, Exulans, Zensonic, Dagger, Zeus

April 24th

Fantastic Soccer (C64) cracked

before April 23rd?

Bird gets kicked out


Assholes'n'Albows (C64)

members: Fly, Exulans, Zensonic, R.C.S., Dagger, Zeus, Zyborg


Touch leaves


Chaos Intro (C64) code for Chaos #1


Fantasy World Dizzy (C64) cracked & +1 trained

March 1st

1 Weeks Works (C64)

Trix joins


RCS leaves Daniax and joins

February 20th

Batteries Not Included (C64)

members: Bird, Dagger, Exulans, Fly, Touch, Zensonic, Zeus, Zyborg

February 12th

After the War (C64) cracked, +5 trained & password added

February 11th?

Touch leaves Accept and joins


Glasnost leaves and joins Titan

start of the year

Shamran gets kicked out


Einstein, Captain Freedom, Brainkiller, Jones, Exor, Divine and Sinox are kicked out

January 6th (Baboons-Meeting)

Fort 8 (C64)

Bruce and Xerox leave

members (Belgium): Einstein, Captain Freedom, Brainkiller, Jones, Exor, Divine, Sinox

December 28th

Mick gets kicked out


Divine and Exor leave Dynamic Science and join


Exulans, Zensonic, Zeus and Bird join


Glasnost leaves FBR and joins


Ballistix (C64) cracked

November 14th

Needles and Pins (C64)

Dagger joins and Shamran leaves Microforce and joins


Triss gets kicked out


members: Zyborg, Mick, Triss, Fly


Fly joins

September / October

While Waiting (C64)


Atrix is founded by Zyborg, Mick and Triss


Color Buster cracked by WOW - Passwords (C64) code from 'Micronoter v2.0'


Danger! High Voltage! (preview) cracked by No Name - Note (C64) code from 'Micronoter v2.0'


Digital Madness (C64) code from 'Micronoter v2.0'

May 12th

Empius cracked by X-Factor - Note (C64) code from 'Micronoter v2.0'

October 24th?

Koff - Part I (C64) code from 'Note-Editor'

July 7th

3 Years WOW (C64) code

March 31st

Up the Limits (C64) code from 'Note-Editor'

December 15th

The Freaks Intro (C64) code, logo & music for The Freaks

September 17th

Congeal 2 (C64) code from 'Note-Editor'

August 10th

Tornado (C64) code

after July 1st

No IQ (C64) code