August 4th?

member of Atrix

June 5th

leaves Dunex and re-builds Atrix

April 1st (Horizon Easter-Party)

2 Years (C64) design & code for Dunex

joins Dunex

end of the year (Dexion Party)

Krabatmania (C64) code for Atrix

Address: Zensonic / Atrix - Lillemadsesgade 6 - 3700 Ronne - Denmark

October 2nd?

member of Atrix

Address: Zensonic - Lillemadsesgade 6 - 3700 Rønne - Denmark - +45-53-956007

August 6th

Blib Blob (C64) code for Atrix

May 9th

member of Atrix

Address: Zensonic / Atrix - Lille Madsensgade 6 - 3700 Rønne - Denmark - +45-53-956007


Assholes'n'Albows (C64) code & font for Atrix

member of Atrix and Eclipse

February 20th

member of Atrix

February 12th

After the War (C64) cracked, +5 trained & password added for Atrix

After the War cracked by Atrix - Trainer Menu (C64) code for Atrix


joins Atrix