May 1st

Cylogic (C64) cracked, +2 trained & passwords added


Daniaction Part 3 (C64)

Executer renames into Intact and B-Nize renames into Judge

members: Atrox, Raw, Rip, Ray, Victory, Slize, Platoon, Slash, Mixx, Nick, Funk, GW Design, Satan, Intact, Judge, Drago

April 23rd?

Piece of Dope (C64)

members: Victory, Slash, The Hobbit, Platoon, Raw, Cooper, Drago, Mick, Mikado, Danix, Shamran, Slize, Joe Dalton, Merzy, Panzer, Dr. Feelgood, Zatex

before April 23rd?

Mick and Shamran join


RCS leaves and joins Atrix


Acid Stinks! (C64)

The Hobbit joins


Keep Busting (C64)

Victor and TBK join

members: Platoon, Worm, Raw, Detch, Slash, Mr. Jam, Cooper, R.C.S., Drago, Hack, Brax

Daniax is founded