February 26th

member of Force Ten

October 9th (Abnormal/Razor 1911/Cartel Copyparty)

Demo Pack (C64) graphics for Force Ten

Address: Dag Hinderaker - 4262 Avaldsnes - Norway - +47-4-842818

June 30th

member of The New Aces

May 21st?

member of The New Aces

April 18th

Cooperation Demo (C64) released in co-op with Tetragon

Telephone: +47-4-842818

March / April

joins The New Aces

February 14th

joins Micronet

before March 8th

Little Shit (C64) font from 'Demo Pack'

January 1st?

Seeker VII - Death Seeker (C64) font from 'Demo Pack'