Extasy leaves and joins Lazer

October 14th?

Ice leaves and joins Actual Trading Generation

October 10th

Shake Up (C64)

early October

Credible (C64)

May 20th (Venlo-Meeting 5/89)

Acid-Fever (C64) released and spread by Crazy

May 18th

Gotcha and Magic Man leave and join Bulldogs of Crazy


Destructive (C64) logo for Devils


H.A.T.E. (C64) cracked


Joghurt (C64)

Sam leaves Frontline and joins

April 12th

Last Duel (C64) cracked & +4 trained

March 26th

Dan Cooper (C64) cracked in co-op with Orion


Run the Gauntlet (C64) cracked

March 14th

Eliminator (C64) cracked

March 6th

D.N.A. Warrior (C64) cracked

February 19th

Action Service (C64) cracked

February 13th

Dragon Ninja (C64) cracked, +3 trained & music ripped

Array is founded

members: Dony, Gotcha, Moonwalker, Roger Rabbit, RSS, Rygar, TJ Laser, Wolfman, Zeron

July 23rd

Rage for Order Intro (C64) music


Good Bye NFC (C64) music