May 12th?

Ikari & Talent Intro (C64) code & logos? for Talent & Ikari

late April?

Pinball Power (C64) highscoresaver installed to Paramount crack

April 21st (Venlo-Meeting 4/90)

Corruption Intro (C64)

late February?

Fanatix (C64)


Rebel MC leaves and joins The Ruling Company


Style who renames into Magic, Flash who renames into Akira, Trax and Defbeat leave and join The Ruling Company


Jack Daniels leaves Orion and joins

October 20th

Blast'em (C64) cracked & music ripped

October 14th?

Vreet je Rot (C64)

Ice leaves Array and joins

members: SPC, BBJ, Style, Curse, Ice, RGJ, CBJ, Yog

Telephone: +31-20-991827


Beach Party (C64)

members: SPC, TTT, RGJ, Style, Curse, CBJ, TLL

after June 17th

Logo Show (C64) logos for Drive


Americanos (C64)

Style and Curse join


late April

Empius cracked by Success - Docs (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.1'

December 28th

Burn It (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.1'

December 23rd

Pravda #09 (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.1'


Scrolly Scrollers (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.1'

January 23rd

X-Mas Demo! (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.1'

October 10th

Warming Up (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.1'


Surprise (C64) graphics

September 17th

Congeal 2 (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.1'

early? July

Martina (C64) music from 'Fanatix'

April 26th

Air Dance II (C64) code from 'ATG Message Writer'