August 13th (Assembly '95)

7 Years (C64)

August 7th (Assembly '94)

Attack of Stubidos 3 (C64)

August 1st (Assembly '93)

Attack of Stubidos Part II (C64)

??? (Assembly '92)

Oh No, More Dots! (C64)

April 19th (Light & Phenomena Easter Party)

Partytrap (C64)

Elysion (C64) support for Origo Dreamline

??? (Byterapers Party)

Attack of Stubidos (C64)

April 1st (Horizon Easter-Party)

Anal Intruder (C64)

Napalm joins

shortly after December 17th

Gremlin leaves Topaz Beerline and joins


Spirited (C64) logo for Spirit

after April 16th

Typical (C64)


Happy Birthday Axeman (C64)

after the Summer

Insanity (C64)

after May 12th

Morphosis (C64)


Butcher Hill Bust (C64)

shortly before April 8th

Wuiti gets kicked out

March 4th?

Crucible (C64) cracked

late? February

First Over Germany (C64) imported the XPB + Insane crack

January 30th

they are in co-op with Xades Society

December 16th

The Christmasdemo (C64) music for Lazer


Splitter (C64)

after September 1st

Pikapieru (C64)

the co-op with Xades Society splits up

August 18th

Captain Kidd (C64) cracked

June 4th

late December

Happy New Year (C64) music from 'Christmas Demo'

after November 25th?

Welcome! (C64) font from 'Attack of Stubidos'

late September

Action Intro (C64) font from 'Splitter'

late April / early May

Conflict Intro (C64) font from 'Splitter'

April 16th

One Year (C64) font


Action Intro (C64) font from 'Splitter'

August 13th

Boring Time (C64) music

August 6th

Demo-Coop (C64) font from 'Splitter'

July 7th

Action Intro (C64) font from 'Splitter'


Mega-Sounds 2 (C64) music

late June?

Act 501 Intro (C64) font from 'Splitter'

June 22nd

Action Intro (C64) font from 'Splitter'

late May

711 Intro (C64) font from 'Splitter'


711 Intro (C64) font from 'Splitter'

March 19th

A la Carte' II (C64) loader

March or earlier

Lights of Dawn (C64) font from 'Splitter'