January 30th

they are in co-op with Beyond Force

December 29th

Purple Heart (C64) cracked

after September 1st

the co-op with Beyond Force splits up


September (C64) cracked

VMB: +1-800-268-9199-1065

Rocky renames into Teddy

members: Shalk, Teddy, The Blot, Iron Man, The Little, DJ Kat, Alien, Mad 1812, Stormtroop Germany, Spitfire


Back to Work 2 (C64)

VMB: +1-800-268-9199-1065

members: Spitfire, The Blot, Alien, D.J. Kat, The Little, Shalk, ISU, Storm Troop Germany, Rocky, Mad 1812, Yankee

late July?

Chubby Gristle (C64) cracked

members: The Blot, DJ Kat, Shalk, The Little, Alien, Stormtroop Germany, Magic Pirates, Mad 1812, Yankee, Spitfire

late March?

Advanced Tactical Fighter (C64) imported the Beastie Boys + Jewels crack

July 16th

March 1st

Ataraxia (C64) font?