July 7th

Ikari Intro (C64) music for Ikari


Wix-Wax (C64)

Pet joins


Doc, Fletch, Gandalf and Excell leave and join Ikari


Desolator (C64) +2 trained & packed the Public Enemy #1 crack


Maniax (C64) highscoresaver installed to Bros crack

June 10th

Alien Syndrome (C64) cracked, +2 trained & keymap added

early June

INXS Intro (C64) music for INXS

June 6th

Danecrew Intro (C64) code? & graphics for Danecrew

June 4th

Beyond the Ice Palace (C64) cracked, +3 trained & music ripped

May 21st

Ikari Intro (C64) code, graphics & music for Ikari


A New Sensation (C64) music for INXS

May 14th

Pandora (C64) cracked & +1 trained

May 2nd

Back to Burn (C64) music for 2000 A.D.

April 30th

G.U.T.Z (C64) cracked & +2 trained

before April 25th

JCH leaves 2000 A.D. and joins

April 1st?

Don't Wonder! (C64)

March / April

A Nu 1 (C64)

late March

Advanced Tactical Fighter (C64) highscoresaver installed to Beastie Boys crack

members: Fletch, Excell, Doc, Gandalf, Janek, Knight, Spike


Supply in 1988! (C64)

March 2nd

Herobotix (C64) +2 trained the Ikari crack

a person yet without nick (Spike?) joins

February 10th

Gryzor (C64) +1 trained the Ikari crack

January 17th

Hat Trick (C64) imported & packed the Eagle Soft Inc. crack


member of Federation Against Supply Team

January 1st

Garfield in Big Fat Hairy Deal (C64) cracked? & +1 trained

December 29th

Gauntlet II (C64) cracked

late December

At Excells Place (C64)

members: Blackfire, Fletch, Gandalf, Excell, Doc, The Knight, Zac, Janek, Pet, Simplex 1771, Ghostrider

December 28th

Garfield in Big Fat Hairy Deal (C64) cracked

mid / late December

BraveStarr (C64) cracked & +1 trained


Agent X II (C64) +1 trained the Ikari crack

December 16th

Psycho Soldier (C64) cracked

Madballs (C64) cracked

December 2nd

720° (C64) cracked

Cosmic Causeway (C64) cracked

November 25th

member of Federation Against Supply Team

November 12th

Basil (C64) cracked & docs added

Excell and Gandalf leave New Men and join

November 6th

Art Album 02 (C64)

October 3rd

Bubble Bobble (C64) +1 trained the C64 Comics Group crack

September 3rd

A Few Bytes! (C64)

Jewels is founded

members: Fletch, Blackfire, Doc, Zac, Ghostrider, Janek


Danecrew Intro (C64) code? & graphics for Danecrew

January 30th

Acid 2 (C64) font from a 'Danecrew Intro'

November 21st

Noise Intro (C64) font from a 'Danecrew Intro'

October 12th?

Freaks in Space (C64) music


Madness (C64) music

August 9th

Ikari Intro (C64) music for Ikari

July 15th?

Ikari Intro (C64) music for Ikari

June 14th

Propulsion (C64) sprites

June 10th?

Moon (C64) music from 'Back to Burn'