September 17th

Captain Blood (C64) cracked & docs added

September 2nd

Renegade (C64) cracked

August 29th

BBS: Shake the Disease

July 6th

Bubble Ghost (C64) cracked

Super Pac-Man (C64) cracked

June 5th

Road Runner (C64) cracked

members: Mitch (the Guy), The Head Librarian, Prowl, Kombalar, The Hell Hacker, Music Man, Blackhawk, Mean Gene

May 7th

4x4 Off-Road Racing (C64) cracked

March 29th

NorthStar (C64) imported the Fusion crack

March 25th

Brainstorm (C64) cracked & imported in co-op with Fusion

February 2nd

Dark Castle (C64) cracked

January 13th

The Train (C64) cracked

Card Sharks (C64) cracked

The Music Man, Simple Solutions and Tinman join

BTK of The Alliance tries to join but gets refused

members: Eagle Soft, The Head Librarian, Kombalar, Tinman, Music Man, Simple Solutions

January 4th

Mini Golf (C64) cracked

Hat Trick (C64) cracked

late December

Gauntlet II (C128) NTSC fixed the Fairlight + FBR crack

December 26th

Lazer-Force (C64) NTSC fixed an unknown crack for RAD

November 24th

Captain America (C64) cracked

late October

Mask (C64) NTSC fixed the Hotline crack for RAD

after September

Waterpolo (C64) cracked

October 14th

Apollo 18 (C64) cracked & docs added

October 11th

Airborne Ranger (C64) cracked

October 6th

4th & Inches (C64) cracked

September 20th

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer (C64) cracked

September 9th

Mini Putt (C64) cracked

August 7th

Bop'n Rumble (C64) cracked

April 4th

Demon Attack (C64) cracked

members: Mitch, By-Tor, Captain Kidd, Scorpio, The Head Librarian


Delta Man (C64) cracked

January 4th

Xevious (C64) imported & NTSC fixed the New Balance + AEK Crackware crack

November 23rd

Arcticfox (C64) cracked

October 25th

Championship Wrestling (C64) cracked & docs added

10th Frame (C64) cracked

October 16th

Destroyer (C64) cracked


Deactivators (C64) cracked

September 4th

Ace of Aces (C64) cracked

BBS: The Datashack I +1-914-948-2870, The Datashack II +1-914-961-7032

members: By-Tor, Scorpio, Mitch


The Goonies (C64) cracked


Skyfox (C64) cracked & docs added


Alcazar (C64) cracked


The Way of the Exploding Fist (C64) cracked


Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (C64) cracked


Battle through Time (C64) cracked


Duck Shoot (C64) cracked


Spy vs Spy (C64) cracked


Stellar 7 (C64) cracked

May 20th

DragonHawk (C64) cracked