Bartman (C64) music for F4CG / The Ancient Temple

late January

joins The Ancient Temple

Address: Stefan Woltran - Mühlgasse 10/3/4 - 2801 Katzelsdorf - Austria


ACC Intro (C64) music for Austrian Cracking Crew


member of Magnetix

April 26th

member of Magnetix

November 22nd?

Happy End (C64) music for Pulsar


leaves Pulsar and joins Magnetix

June 17th (Lazer & Weird Science Party)

Einstein IV (C64) music for Cosmos / Pulsar

April 8th (Amaze / Cannon / New Visions Party)

Party-Demo (C64) music for Amaze + Crypt / Pulsar

joins Pulsar

shortly before April 8th

gets kicked out of Beyond Force

December 16th

The Christmasdemo (C64) music for Lazer / Beyond Force

after September 1st

member of Beyond Force

Address: Wuiti - Mühlgasse 10-3-4 - 2801 Katzelsdorf - Austria

late December

Happy New Year (C64) music from 'Christmas Demo'

early January

ACC Intro (C64) music for Austrian Cracking Crew

April 18th

The Black Power Intro (C64) music

March 29th

Legend Intro (C64) music

March 9th

Wanderful (C64) music

early September

Beastie Boys Intro (C64) music

August 13th

Boring Time (C64) music

June / July

A Piece of Me (C64) music


Mega-Sounds 2 (C64) music


Dualis Intro (C64) music

May 8th

Beyond the Beat! (C64) music

April 23rd

A Trip to the Alps (C64) music