January 15th

member of Touch

September 6th

joins Censor Design


Megapuke! (C64) code & graphics for Triad

August 31st

Necronomicon (C64) logo for Cheyens / Triad


joins Triad

Telephone: +46-223-22949

after April 3rd

Splasher 2 (C64) code & fonts for Life of Riffs

renames from Space Ace into Squelch

Address: Dick Wecksell - Kornettg. 15d - 778 00 Norberg - Sweden

May 14th (Horizon & Equinoxe Copy Party)

A Lot of Coke!! (C64) code & graphics for Shine, two fonts already used in 'Brainbuster'

Address: Dick Wecksell - Pbv. 18b - 775 00 Krylbø - Sweden +46-226-13326

Eltronic rename into Shine

April 3rd

Ultra Schmuck! (C64) design, code & graphics for Eltronic, one logo already used in 'Distinction!'

Address: Dick Wecksell - Ponsbachsv. 18b - 775 00 Krylbø - Sweden

March 27th?

Distinction! (C64) graphics for Eltronic

early March

Brainbuster (C64) graphics & code for Eltronic


member of Peek & Poke

nick: Space Ace

member of Pentangel

Telephone: +46-22-613326

nick: Hellcat