December 30th

sub-group of The Riffs

August / September

Cock-Up Demo (C64) released for The Riffs & Zoom

sub-group of The Riffs

June 29th (2000 A.D. Party)

The Larch 2 (C64) font for Bones / The Riffs

after April 3rd

Splasher 2 (C64) code & graphics for The Riffs

Space Ace renames into Squelch


Audrey renames into Visual

March 25th (Ikari & Zargon Party)

Remains of Bdemo (C64) graphics for Bones of Crazy / The Riffs

sub-group of The Riffs

March 1st

sub-group of The Riffs

late February?

Ace 2088 (C64) cracked & keymap added for The Riffs

late November

Bomb Uzal (C64) cracked for The Riffs

Hellfire (C64) cracked & +1 trained for The Riffs

October 31st?

Artura (C64) cracked, +1 trained, docs added & music ripped for The Riffs

September 21st

sub-group of The Riffs


1943 (C64) cracked & +2 trained for The Riffs

January 11th