Predictable (C64)

members: Zarch, Spooney, Indo, Yobbo, Max, Jackanapes, Spaceman

June 29th (2000 A.D. Party)

The Larch 2 (C64)

members: Jackanapes, Zarch, Spaceman, Spooney, Yobbo, Max, Indo

May 23rd

sub-group of Crazy

May 14th

sub-group of Crazy

between March 25th - May 12th

they join Federation Against Ikari


sub-group of Crazy

March 25th (Ikari & Zargon Party)

Remains of Bdemo (C64) code, graphics & music for Crazy

member of FALLOS

February 13th

sub-group of Crazy

February 8th

sub-group of Crazy

February 4th

sub-group of Crazy

October 31st?

April 16th

Conqueror (C64) graphics from 'The Larch III'

December 25th

The Fantasy Xmas! (C64) music from 'Tillsammans'

April 23rd

No Mercy! (C64) font from 'Remains of Bdemo'