May 14th

they rename into Shine

Slayer re-joins

early May

Slayer and Morpheus leave

May 3rd

members: Space Ace, Dark Lord, Slaygon, Codex, Beastian, Prizma, Slayer, Morpheus

one day later

Pharynx leaves


Pharynx joins

April 3rd

Ultra Schmuck! (C64)

March 27th?

Distinction! (C64)

Slaygon and Codex leave Rator and join

Hilux and Cyborg leave and join FBI

members: Space Ace, Slaygon, Darklord, Copkiller, Beastian, Prizma, Vision, Slayer, Morpheus, Codex

early March

Brainbuster (C64)

members: Space Ace, Dark Lord, Copkiller, Prizma, Slayer, Morpheus, Beastian, Hilux, Cyborg, Vision

March 1st

Morpheus leaves Gemini and joins