member of Spirit

June 29th

member of Flash Inc.


member of Flash Inc.

before Easter

Uxorious #2 (C64) code & font for Flash Inc.

Address: Ulf Härnhammar - Abackegatan 6-8 - 702 32 Orebro - Sweden


Uxorious (C64) code & additional graphics for Flash Inc.

November 4th (Censor Design Party)

Channel 64 (C64) code for Flash Inc.

before November 4th

leaves Censor Design and joins Flash Inc.

April 16th

member of Censor Design

January 15th

member of Censor Design

nick: Unifier


4 PM News! (C64) code, sprite & sample for Zone 45

leaves Shine and joins Zone 45

May 14th (Horizon & Equinoxe Copy Party)

A Lot of Coke!! (C64) code & sprites for Shine

Eltronic rename into Shine

March 27th?

Distinction! (C64) code for Eltronic

Address: Orebro, Sweden

early March

Brainbuster (C64) code for Eltronic

December 11th

member of Shadowfire Association


member of 1096

nick: Beastian