December 22nd (Silicon Ltd. Winter Party)

Animo (C64) graphics for House Designs

July 7th (Silicon Ltd. Party)

Sensorial (C64) font for Sense Designs / House Designs, already used in 'Sensation 3'

June 15th

member of House Designs

Address: Shez / House Designs - Begoniapad 23 - 2804 AT Gouda - Netherlands

May 18th (Venlo-Meeting 5/91)

Sensation 3 (C64) fonts for Sense Designs / House Designs

??? (Venlo-Meeting)

Alcolado (C64) code & fonts for House Designs

Contact Demo (C64) code & graphics for House Designs

Address: Percy Brunings - Begoniapad 23 - 2803 AT Gouda - Netherlands - +31-1820-33336


member of House Designs


NaCL (C64) cracked & +2 trained for Solar

late February

member of Cosmos


The Terminator Intro (C64) code for The Terminator / Cosmos

February 7th

Masterpiece (C64) code for Digital Force + The Last Science

Telephone: +31-1820-33336

December 13th

leaves New Frontier and joins Digital Force