April 8th

Fire-Eagle join

February 7th

Masterpiece (C64) released in co-op with The Last Science

December 13th

Orion+++ (C64)

The Digital Force is founded

String, Yoyo, Beatbox and TNM leave Europe Computer Software and join

Shez leaves New Frontier and joins

TNM, GTC, FMC, Terminator, Cobra and R and R Boys leave The TNM-Crew and join

TNM, Pege, Iron Eagle and Iswan leave UC-Boys and join

Rene and Jan leave The Scorpions and join

members: String, Yoyo, Beatbox, TNM, Shez, GTC, FMC, Terminator, Cobra, R and R Boys, Pege, Iron Eagle, Iswan, Rene, Jan