December 29th (The Party 7)

Dark Tales (C64) music for Focus, already used


Devastating Blow (C64) cracked

December 22nd (Silicon Ltd. Winter Party)

Animo (C64)

Achtung Baby (C64) music and sprite for The Ancient Temple, music already used in 'Sensei ++'

mid October

Freestyle (C64) logo for Clique


DMC leaves and joins Stormfront

July / August

Sensei ++ (C64) graphics & music for Sense Designs


Percy leaves Warriors of the Wasteland and joins

July 7th (Silicon Ltd. Party)

Sensorial (C64) font for Sense Designs, already used in 'Sensation 3'

June 15th

Karl gets kicked out

members: Shez, Chesoner, Scan, Mode 2, Slide, No-XS, DMC

June 9th (Spherical Design-Party)

Amnesia 3 (C64) logo for Hitmen, already used in 'Hit da Pixel'

May 18th (Venlo-Meeting 5/91)

Sensation 3 (C64) fonts for Sense Designs


Hit da Pixel (C64)

Yup leaves Decade and joins


Uit je Dak (C64)

??? (Venlo-Meeting)

Alcolado (C64)

Contact Demo (C64)

Udo joins

members: Shez, Chesoner, Karl, No-XS, Scan, Udo

September 26th



House Designs is founded

November 20th

Compo-Tune NTI (C64) font?

late August

Graeme Souness Soccer Manager cracked by Fairlight - Note (C64) music

August 21st

Das Omen (C64) music


Acrise & Varsity Intro (C64) music

late June?

Lethal Intro (C64) music from 'Alcolado'

before April 20th

Lycanthropy (C64) font


Sensation! (C64) font