5th Gear (C64) cracked & docs added

Anthrax joins


ICC and Goofy leave and found Illusion

June 11th

Maniax (C64) cracked, docs added & music ripped

Zapp joins

members: Lloyd, Joker of Megaforce, Paperboy, Tom, Zapp, Leto II, LCX, FCS of Finnish Gold, Maestro, Inframan, Demolution, The Masterpiece

August 1st

High Frontier (C64) cracked & docs added in co-op with Cleveland Cracking Service

The Softkiller Crew leaves

July 10th

The Fifth Quadrant (C64) cracked

March 21st

Big Trouble in Little China (C64) cracked


Contact Relax!!! (C64) code from 'Movie Writer'