July 11th

Dark Side (C64) cracked & docs added

July 6th

Blood Brothers (C64) cracked, +1 trained & docs added

Dream Warrior (C64) cracked & docs added

Icon join

members: SSD, Andy, CHC, ATT, Big-Ben; sub-group: Icon

June 13th

Desolator (C64) cracked, +1 trained & docs added

June 8th

Alien Syndrome (C64) cracked & docs added

May 30th

Hercules - Slayer of the Damned (C64) cracked & docs added

The Flintstones (C64) cracked & docs added

May 27th

Canonrider (C64) cracked & +1 trained

May 7th

Bob Winner (C64) cracked

March 26th

Pac-Land (C64) cracked

members: Eisen, Big Ben, ATT, CHC, SSD, TSK

March 21st

Troll (C64) cracked, +1 trained & docs added

Disaster leave

members: TSK, SSD, CHC, ATT, Big Ben, Eisen

February 25th

Frightmare (C64) cracked, +1 trained & docs added

Dan Dare II (C64) cracked, +1 trained & docs added

January 2nd

A Question of Scruples (C64) cracked

A Question of Scruples (C64) cracked

November 27th

Angleball (C64) cracked

Eisen Jungfer and Casual Dude join

September 29th

Anarchy (C64) cracked & +2 trained

August 25th

Joe Blade (C64) cracked & +2 trained

August 21st

Ace 2 (C64) cracked

August 1st

leaves The Austrian Union

July 14th

sub-group of The Austrian Union

June 7th

March 22nd

Magnetron cracked by A.C.E. (C64) code from 'Movie Writer v1.2'


NorthStar cracked by Swiss Cracking Association - Docs (C64) code from 'Movie Writer v1.2'


Football Director cracked by The Vikings - Hints (C64) code from 'Movie Writer v1.2'