February 6th

The Deadline (C64) code for Finnish Gold

October 4th

Vertigo (C64) code & music for Finnish Gold

June 22nd (Digitize Design Group Party)

Paranoia (C64) code & music for Finnish Gold

June 11th

member of Finnish Gold and The Austrian Union

May 11th


Neurasthenia (C64) music

November 16th

Bedlam (C64) music


Letkautus (C64) music


Tough Posse (C64) music

June 3rd?

Legend Intro (C64) music

April 16th

Metal Generation (C64) music


Around the Planet (C64) music

September 2nd

Party Demo (C64) music from 'Paranoia'

August 13th

Boring Time (C64) music

March 25th

Illegal (C64) music

February 22nd

Liikutuksia (C64) music

December 12th

Merciless (C64) music from 'Paranoia'