Visible (C64) logo for Full Force

February 26th (Rawhead, Bros & Suppliers Copy Party)

Accept (C64) logo for Impulse

February 13th

Excruciating (C64)

members: Boogie, Buz, Cosmic, Manowar, Playboy, Quiet Lightning, Silver, Snicker, Spot, Superted, The Lamer, The Outsider, The Sentinel, X-Port

September 25th

Errorsfree (C64)

August 22nd

Restless Stressless (C64)

Manowar joins

members: The Sentinel, S.I.L.V.E.R, Playboy, The Digi Boy, Quiet Lightning, Buz, Manowar, Spot, Capt'n Freeze

April 17th

It's Magic (C64)

The Sentinel joins

members: Capt. Freeze, Spot, Spritekiller, Playboy, Copycat, Sentinel