April 16th (Horizon Easter-Party)

Que (C64)

members: Mix Master, Stormbringer, Sventy, Ice Cream Jones, Chique, The Real Coca Cola Kid, Ronin, Atemate, El Morell, Silmarillion, Oxigene, Dr.Feelgood


Black Tiger (C64) cracked & +1 trained

December 30th (Dominators, Upfront & Trilogy Party)

Animal (C64)

November 11th

Visible 4 (C64)

August / September

Chique leaves Asia and joins


Visible (C64)

February 13th


Sventy, Kox and IC Jones leave The Falcons and found Full Force


Excess Intro (C64) music

May 18th

Cyberpunx Intro (C64) music

December 27th

Comic Media (C64) music

April 1st?

Enigma Intro (C64) music

June 7th

Energize (C64) music

September 25th

Ikari & Talent + The Shaolin Monastery Intro (C64) music