June 25th

Aggresiv and Marked for Death (C64)

members: Tiger, Thriller, Jensen, SGD, Failure, Tre D, Evil, Trillion, Countach


Stone Cold Coding (C64)

members: Tiger, Trillion, Thriller, Jensen, Mr. Cool, Tre Design, Failure, SGD, Countach, Mouth


Bone Hard (C64)

Thriller, Failure and Countach join

Zzipit renames into Tre Design


Together (C64) released in co-op with Motion

around February 20th

Attraction III (C64) logo for Flash Inc.

February 9th

Solo Style 3 (C64)

late August?

Blood'n Hell (C64)


Slime (C64)

March 14th?

Accept II (C64)

members: Duck, Tiger, Trillion, Tracer, Jensen, Zzipit, Mouth, Eye

February 26th (Rawhead, Bros & Suppliers Copy Party)

Accept (C64)

November 5th


Andy renames into Trillion, Thay renames into Tracer and Lay renames into Eye, they leave L.A.C.C., which is dead, and found Impulse


Dystopia Two (C64) font from 'Bone Hard'

November 4th

Fitterull II (C64) sprites

September 15th

One Year Accuracy (C64) font from 'Blood'n Hell'

April 16th

Que (C64) font

before April 16th

Overdosed (C64) font from 'Blood'n Hell'

July 15th

Fantasia (C64) font