member of Light

December 28th

Blow My Fuse (C64) font for The Ruling Company / Light, already used in 'Brutal 3'


member of Light


The Un-named Demo (C64) fonts for Camelot / Light, one font already used in 'Brutal 3'

December 29th (Dexion Party)

Brutal 3 (C64) graphics & code for Light

Address: Scooby / Light - Poppelv. 2 - 244 41 Kavlinge - Sweden

November 4th (Censor Design and Phenomena Party)

Mist II (C64) graphics for Vision, one font already used in 'Glad Pask'


Vision Intro (C64) logo for Vision, already used in a 'Vision Intro'

early? July

Martina (C64) graphics for Vision, logo already used in a 'Vision Intro'

Address: Scooby / Vision - Poppelv. 2 - 244 00 Kavlinge - Sweden


Vision Intro (C64) logo for Vision

April 16th (Horizon Easter-Party)

Glad Pask (C64) graphics for Choice, one picture already used in '150 Grams De-Moset'

February 18th (Choice Party)

150 Grams De-moset (C64) graphics for Choice


member of Equinoxe

April 19th

Partytrap (C64) font from 'The Un-named Demo'