Icon leaves and joins Vision


Logo Show 12 (C64) logo by Extend


Silence (C64) logo for Radius

April 16th (Horizon Easter-Party)

Glad Pask (C64)

BBS: +46-47-083630 (hq)

February 18th (Choice Party)

150 Grams De-moset (C64)

Maniac leaves and joins Zone 45

members: Status, Nisse, Gryzor, Quax, Whizzy, Wisch, Scooby, Sky, Zinus, Frazze, Zagon, Zad, Icon, Bluez, Methabol, White Lion, Darkseid, Scope


Methabol, White Lion, Darkseid and Scope leave Phasia and join


Art of IQ (C64) code for Zone 45

January 1st

Icon leaves Zoom and joins

November 4th

Mist II (C64) font from 'Glad Pask'