member of Crest

nick: Mitch


Dynamix Intro (C64) music for Dynamix

December 14th

The Astounding Moment (C64) graphics & music for Dynamix

late September

Arrogance Spreads like a Wind... (C64) music & font for Dynamix

leaves Amok and joins Dynamix

November 20th

member of Life

August / September

Cock-Up Demo (C64) font for Life of The Riffs + Zoom

Address: Yankee of Life / Riffs - Pl. 2001 - 280 10 Sosdala - Sweden - +46-451-60805


member of Asia

April 8th

member of Defjam

January 1st

joins Defiers

nick: Yankee

December 24th

Sid Agony 4 (C64) music

March 4th

Success & The Ruling Company Intro (C64) music


New Killa Dream 4 (C64) music from 'Tyranny for You'

April 30th

Depredators Intro (C64) music