Methodos (C64) music for Nordic Beat / Neodyne Projects / Double Density / Game On?

late December

member of Zone 45


IQ, Arne and Volvo (C64) music & code for Zone 45

Address: MTX / Zone - Vetestigen 4 - 514 00 Tranemo - Sweden - +46-325-70608


Bedtime Blues (C64) music for Rizing / Zone 45, already used in 'One Year'

April 16th (Horizon Easter-Party)

One Year (C64) design, code & music for Zone 45

March 29th

Farwell Cult (C64) music for Zone 45


member of Zone 45


4 PM News! (C64) sample for Zone 45

May 14th

member of Zone 45


member of Eltronic


member of Hostages


member of Digital Dreams

December 24th

Laser Intro (C64) music


Smokerings (C64) music


Certified (C64) music


Hit da Pixel (C64) music


Bonfire (C64) music from 'One Year'

April 1st

Up the Limits (C64) music

A Fragment (C64) music

before Easter

Uxorious #2 (C64) music

October 22nd

WCF Intro (C64) music from 'IQ, Arne and Volvo'


IQ, Arne and Volvo (C64) code, additional graphics & soundfx for Zone 45, already used in 'One Year'

December 16th

4712 Intro (C64) music