Alderan (C64) music for Alive Designs / Softlight


Pez in my Brain (C64) music for Panoramic Designs / Prosonix

July 3rd

Wasted Years (C64) music for The Shadows / Prosonix, one music already used

February 23rd

member of The Troopers

January 2nd

Afternoon (C64) code, music & graphics for The Troopers

December 15th

Christmas 87 (C64) music for Troopers

January 21st

Puzznic cracked by Lurid & Tricycle - Docs (C64) music

August 7th

Attack of Stubidos 3 (C64) music

December 22nd

Great Tunes 3 (C64) music


Vagabonds Intro (C64) music

August 17th

Dutch Gold (C64) music

June 9th

Abortion (C64) music

May 12th

Breathless (C64) music

April 20th

Paranoia (C64) music

January 7th

Wrecked Parts (C64) music

December 23rd

Explicit (C64) music

December 7th?

Illusion Intro (C64) music

December 6th

Illusion Intro (C64) music

November 4th

Mist II (C64) music

Fitterull II (C64) music


Breathless (inofficial pre-release) (C64) music

August 10th

Tornado (C64) music

July? / August?

Conspiracy (C64) music


Toxic-Stranger (C64) music


Delirious 9 (C64) music

April 16th

Tranquilize II (C64) music

February 18th

150 Grams De-moset (C64) music

December 30th

Logical (C64) music

late November

Hip-Hop (C64) music

August / September

Cock-Up Demo (C64) music from 'Wasted Years'


Dummkopf! (C64) music

June 29th

Pure Acid (C64) music

after May 12th

Morphosis (C64) music

March 25th

Illegal (C64) music


Splitter (C64) music