July 3rd

Wasted Years (C64) music for The Shadows, already used

February 26th (Rawhead, Bros & Suppliers Copy Party)

Pimplesqueezer 6 (C64) music for Rawhead, already used

September 1st

sub-group of the The Stars

January 2nd

Afternoon (C64)

members: Stone, Devil, Shade

December 15th

Christmas 87 (C64)

members: Stone, Devil, Shade


January 21st

Lurid & Tricycle Intro (C64) music


Vagabonds Intro (C64) music


Showcase Bonanza (C64) music

July? / August?

Conspiracy (C64) music


Toxic-Stranger (C64) music

March 22nd

Acme Intro (C64) music

late November

Hip-Hop (C64) music

November 14th

Needles and Pins (C64) music


Dummkopf! (C64) music


Five of Ten (C64) music

June 29th

Pure Acid (C64) music

June 25th

Ready for Destruction!! (C64) music

after May 12th

Morphosis (C64) music

May 6th

Booze! (C64) music

March? / April?

Beatless (C64) music

March 25th

Illegal (C64) music

March 8th

Bad Loosers (C64) music

March 14th?

Accept II (C64) music

late February?

The Shadows Intro (C64) music

February 26th

Cocktail (C64) music

At Last (C64) music


Splitter (C64) music

after September 1st

Pikapieru (C64) music

April 17th

It's Magic (C64) font from 'Christmas 87'