early October?

they merge with Reflex into Tera

early September

they are in co-op with Reflex

July 7th (TEC Copy Party)

TEC...Pardy Demo (C64) released in co-op with Reflex

Kilenemy joins

June 6th

they are in co-op with Reflex

December 1st (Australian Demo Competition)

Back from Beyond (C64)

shortly before

Biz leaves


Tour De Future is founded


Atomic Robo-Kid cracked by Crest - Docs (C64) code from 'Note-Maker v1.0'

April 16th

Second to None (C64) code from 'Note-Maker v1.0'

February 21st

Feezyranx#15 (C64) code from 'Note-Maker v1.0'

February 13th

After the War cracked by Triangle 3532 - Docs (C64) code from 'Note-Maker v1.0'

February 6th

Wanna Buy a Logo?? (C64) code from 'Note-Maker v1.0'

late November

Hip-Hop (C64) code from 'Note-Maker v1.0'

November 24th?

Ghostbusters II cracked by Illusion - Docs (C64) code from 'Note-Maker v1.0'

September 7th

First Strike cracked by Ionix - Picture Display (C64) code

late August

APB cracked by Poltergeist - Picture Display (C64) code

August 19th

Let's Melt (C64) code from 'Notemaker V1.0'


Zynchro Blocks (C64) code from 'Note-Maker v1.0'