Unicess Intro (C64) code for Unicess

June 8th

Gates of Dawn (C64) cracked

BBS: Tera Board +1-215-921-9827


Munich Power (C64) logo for Matrix

December (The Force Copy Party)

Damnable (C64)

Atmospheric (C64)

Rippoff (C64)

Jace leaves Opal and joins

members: Snoop, Hex Hacker, The Boss, Matt', The Storeman, Kilenemy, Mistic, Bullet, Xlr8, Eliminator, Jace

November 2nd

Crack-Up (C64) cracked

October 28th?

711 Intro (C64) code for 711

early October?

Tour De Future and Reflex merge into Tera

October 3rd


Bionic Commando cracked by Remember - Docs (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'


Flying Shark cracked by Remember - Docs (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

late July

DreamLand (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'


Brain Spasm cracked by The Sharks - Docs (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

August 7th

Attack of Stubidos 3 (C64) code from 'Easy Noter'

September 27th

Impact (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'


Hägar der Schreckliche cracked by Digital Designs - Passwords (C64) code


Awakenings! (C64) sprite


Dystopia Two (C64) code from 'Easy Noter'

January 1st

Unstable (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

October 6th

Hideous! cracked by Illusion - Docs (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'


Exory's Here! (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

September 13th

Armageddon (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

June 17th

Turbo the Tortoise cracked by Active - Docs (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

late April

Empius cracked by Success - Docs (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

late? January

Devastating Blow cracked by Acrise - Docs (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

December 28th

Burn It (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

December 23rd

Pravda #09 (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

November 14th?

Big Game Fishing cracked by F4CG - Docs (C64) code from 'Easy Noter'

October 21st

Snikt! (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'


Turbo Charge cracked by Techno Industries - Docs (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'


Beyond Imagination (C64) code from 'Easy Noter'


Flik Flak cracked by Bonzai - Passwords (C64) code

August 3rd

Bouncing Heads cracked by Empire - Docs (C64) code from 'Easy Noter'


Flik Flak cracked by WOW - Passwords (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'


Tibo's Tale cracked by X-Rated - Note (C64) code


Chubbie Chester cracked by Compagnions - Passwords (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'


Scrolly Scrollers (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

June 9th

Bocholt Part (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

June 6th

Mutilation (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

May 26th

Mark Set Go! cracked by Empire - Docs (C64) code from 'Easy Noter'

May 16th

Space Hulk (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'


Cylogic cracked by X-Factor - Passwords (C64) code from 'Easy Noter'


Cylogic cracked by Pulsar - Passwords (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

March 16th

Hawkstorm cracked by Fairlight - Docs (C64) code from 'Easy Noter'

February 23rd

Emanuelle #01 (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

January - February

Heineken Part II (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.1'

January 23rd

X-Mas Demo! (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'


The Un-named Demo (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

December 15th

Fist (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

November / December

Heineken (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.1'

late October

B-Bobs cracked by Vision - Note (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

October 20th

Rick Dangerous II cracked by Censor Design - Docs (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

October 10th

Warming Up (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

September 21st

Django cracked by Lazer - Docs (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

September 17th

Congeal 2 (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

September 15th?

Junkfood (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

September 11th

Atom Ant cracked by Class - Docs (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

August 31st

Back to the Future II cracked by Class - Docs (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'


Logo cracked by Abstract - Note (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

early? July

Martina (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

June 22nd

Worthless (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

June 1st

Complex (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

before June

We Want Some Pussy (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

May 25th

Acute (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

May 10th

Back to Future (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

April 26th

Air Dance II (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'


Castle Master cracked by Alpha Flight - Keymap (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

April 3rd

Baby Jack cracked by Lazer - Note (C64) code from 'Notemaker v2.0'

March 17th

Lightning 2 (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

Notion (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'


Delirious VII (C64) code

January 22nd

Squalid (C64) code from 'Stubby-Noter'

December 20th

Happy X-Mas (C64) font


711 Intro (C64) code for 711

November 6th?

711 Intro (C64) code for 711