February 21st (Silicon Ltd. Party)

The Party Demo! (C64) released in co-op with Amnesia + Acrise

December (The Party '92)

Point Zero (C64)

October 11th

Cross It (C64) cracked & +1 trained


Battle Bars (C64) cracked


Empius (C64) cracked


CJ in the USA (C64) cracked & +2 trained


members: Astray, CBC, Coolrock, Earthshaker, Gizmo, Gybsy, Harlequin, MCD, Rat's, Ratman, Scout, The Git, Tim, TPM


The Biggest Bytes Around (C64)


Uit je Dak (C64) music for House Designs, already used in 'Alcolado'

late May?

Earthshaker leaves Depredators and joins

May 18th (Venlo-Meeting 5/91)

Sensation 3 (C64) graphics & music for Sense Designs, one music already used in 'Paratyphoid'

??? (Venlo-Meeting)

Paratyphoid (C64)

??? (Venlo-Meeting)

Alcolado (C64) music for House Designs, partly already used in 'Explicit'


A Party Again! (C64)

December 23rd (Silicon Ltd. & Ruthless Party)

Explicit (C64)


Nuclear X-Perience (C64)


Cap leaves


Harmless (C64)

March 17th (Venlo-Meeting 3/90)

Notion (C64)

members: Cap, 2Hype, 666, The Git, Harlequin, KSH, Feezy, TPM, Ratman, CBC, CMP, Pac

March 16th

Feezy joins, KSH leaves HTC and joins and The Edge gets kicked out

February 21st


Paralax Intro (C64) music

December 15th

Anal TV (C64) music

February 8th

Unreal Day Dreams!!! (C64) music from 'Nuclear X-Perience'

after June 25th

Holiday Crap (C64) music from 'Nuclear X-Perience'