RAZOR 1911

October 20th

Kinky (C64) music for Abnormal

May 6th

Animalizer leaves Hoaxers and joins and Codex joins


The Accumulators Intro (Amiga 500) code for The Accumulators

October 9th (Abnormal/Razor 1911/Cartel Copyparty)

Abnormal Intro (C64) music for Abnormal


Sector 9 and Dr.No leave and join Megaforce, Razor 1911 is dead


Border Demo (C64)

members: Mr.W, Tilt, Sector 9, Dr.Jekyll, Sputnik 4


The Real Razor (C64)

early October

Razor 1911 is founded


Arni Intro (C64) music from 'Kinky'


Future Technologics Intro (C64) music from 'Kinky'

January 6th

Starlight (C64) music from 'Kinky'

October 28th

Illusion Intro (C64) music from 'Kinky'

October 27th

Illusion Intro (C64) music from 'Kinky'

May 19th

Cave-Guennie cracked by The Zero Boys (C64) music from an 'Abnormal Intro'

May 14th

Demented Children (C64) music from an 'Abnormal Intro'