after November 25th?

Welcome! (C64)

Trent, Scorpie and Smiley leave

November 25th?

Frantic 2 (C64)

BBS: The Highway

Crite renames into his real name Morten Rolfsen

Skywize, Nukid and Lapskaus Designs join

members: Morten, BHF, Firehawk, Rune, Lapskaus Designs, Skywize, Joyride, Nukid, Shadow, Humanoid, Anxiety, Smiley, Trent, Scorpie, Parody


BBS: The Highway +46-42-81103


BBS: Highway

Joyride leaves Cosmic and joins

before July

Partytime (C64) released in co-op with Panoramic Designs

May 12th

Breathless (C64)

January 7th

Wrecked Parts (C64)

November 4th (Censor Design Party)

Fitterull II (C64) graphics for War Deal Lamers, already used in 'Conqueror' and 'Fitterull'


Breathless (inofficial pre-release) (C64) released without Hoaxers' permission by some guys who stole the 'Breathless' work disk


Soundpack (C64)

April 16th (Horizon Easter-Party)

Conqueror (C64)

Tranquilize II (C64) code & graphics for Traxion, one font already used in 'Frantic'

Fitterull (C64) graphics for War Deal Lamers, font already used in 'Conqueror'

Metal Generation (C64) font for Royalty

Wolf and Nappy leave Antimon, rename into Scorpie and Shadow and join

members: Crite, BHF, Trent, Anxiety, Firehawk, Humanoid, Shadow, Scorpie

November 11th

Fragments (C64)

BHF and Trent leave Traxion and join

members: Anxiety, BHF, Codex, Crite, Firehawk, Humanoid, Trent, Triumph

June 25th (Abnormal, Hoaxers, Network & Razor 1911 Gigaparty)

Ready for Destruction!! (C64)

May 30th

Frantic!! (C64)

May 6th

Animalizer leaves and joins Razor 1911

February 26th (Rawhead, Bros & Suppliers Copy Party)

Høyspenning (C64)

members: Anxiety, Crite, Humanoid, Firehawk, Animalizer, Codex, Mr.Abacus

January 14th

Burning Bytes (C64)

members: Crite, Anxiety, Firehawk, Codex, Animalizer, Abacus


Welcome Maverick!! (C64) music for Network

September 25th

November 10th?

Haenschen in Monsterland (C64) music from 'Breathless'

April 23rd

A Trip to the Alps (C64) font from 'Burning Bytes'

No Mercy! (C64) font from 'Burning Bytes'

February 26th

Seeker VIII - Partyseeker (C64) font from 'Burning Bytes'

February 4th

It's a Question of Style (C64) font from 'Burning Bytes'