August 2nd

BBS: +1-514-661-3077 (whq), +1-514-323-8246 (distribution)

September 23rd

some members join FBR, Public Enemy is dead

Hawk leaves and joins FBR

September 11th

Hopper Copper (C64) imported & 70% NTSC fixed the Ikari crack

members: The Sorcerer, Hawk, Instinct, Mandrake, Wasteland, Satan, Codebreaker

July 24th

Battle Stations (C64) imported the Zenith crack

BBS: The Survivors hq +1-202-832-0592 (temporarily)

Black Beard joins

members: Youngking, Instinct, Hawk, Sorceror, Ultima, Blackbeard, Wasteland, Codebreaker

June 15th

Maniax (C64) imported the Bros crack

Sinbad is busted and leaves the scene and the group

members: Instinct, Youngking, Codebreaker, Wasteland, Hawk, Sorcerer, Mandrake

May 22nd

Desert Duel (C64) imported the Radical New Releases + Hotline crack

members: Perplexer, Youngking, Sinbad, Wasteland, Codebreaker, Mandrake

April 5th

IRS Intro (C64) code & logo? for Importers Releasing Software

March 25th?

Pac-Land (C64) imported the DCS crack

BBS: +1-301-346-7213 (hq)

March 5th

Blood Valley (C64) imported the Triangle 3532 crack

BBS: +1-301-346-7213 (hq), +1-404-587-5274 (#1), +1-615-352-6207 (#2)

March 2nd

Herobotix (C64) imported the Fusion + Federation Against Copyright crack

BBS: +1-301-346-7213 (hq), +1-404-587-5274 (#1), +1-615-352-6207 (#2)

VMB: +1-404-364-6005

February 26th

Black Lamp (C64) imported the Fairlight crack

BBS: The Aftermath +1-301-346-7213 (hq), +1-404-587-5274 (#1), +1-214-228-4749 (#2)

Youngking joins

members: Perplexer, Deathrocker, Codebreaker, Alien, Kid Ice, Megatech, Youngking

February 4th

Demolition (C64) imported the The Wanderer Group crack

BBS: +1-301-346-7213 (#1), +1-615-352-6217 (#2)

Alley Kat leaves

members: Kid Ice, Alien, The Codebreaker, The Perplexer

January 29th

Hat Trick (C64) imported the Eagle Soft Inc. + Federation Against Copyright + Fairlight crack

BBS: +1-301-346-7213 (#1), +1-615-352-6217 (#2)

members: Alley Kat, Alien, The Codebreaker, The Perplexer

January 25th

Castle of Terror (C64) imported & NTSC fixed the Mr USA crack

3-D Skramble (C64) imported the Cyborg Power Systems crack

BBS: The Aftermath +1-301-346-7213 (hq), +1-615-352-6217 (#2)

members: Alien, The Perplexer, Alley Kat, The Codebreaker

October 2nd

Implosion (C64) imported the Hotline crack

BBS: P.E.#1 +1-718-459-2023 - P.E.#2 +1-615-352-6207

members: The Phanthom, Ghostrider, Alien, Alley Kat

September 14th

Head to Head Karate (C64) cracked

BBS: P.E.#1 +1-718-459-2023