July 27th?

member of Federation Against OMG

April 20th

Fantasy Intro (C64) logo for Fantasy, already used in a 'Fantasy Intro'

mid April

Dan Dare 3 (C64) cracked & +6 trained

April 16th (Horizon Easter-Party)

Goatbeard (C64)

Pappa Bagder (C64)

Walker gets kicked out


Out of Shape (C64) music for Rizing

November 10th?

Fantasy Intro (C64) logo for Fantasy


Augur 1 (C64)

members: Zizyphus, Moppe, Questor, Raistlin, Core


Disastrous - Destructive II (C64) logo for The Force


Butcher Hill (C64) cracked

March 25th (Ikari & Zargon Party)

Remains of Bdemo (C64) logo for Bones of Crazy


Unitrax leaves Shape and joins

February 22nd

Liikutuksia (C64) logo for Unit 5


Las Vegas Casino (C64) cracked

early? January

Fist+ (C64) cracked & +1 trained

Telephone: +46-303-50400

January 1st

R·Type (C64) cracked & +2 trained

December 16th

all members of Axis join

November 21st


Power Pyramids (C64) cracked


Remember Intro (C64) music


Trance Intro (C64) music from 'Cruelcruncher v1.2'

January 8th

Censor Design Intro (C64) music from 'Cruelcruncher v1.2'

June 12th

Chicken Race (C64) music from 'Out of Shape'

April 26th

Air Dance II (C64) code from 'Sidewriter v1.0'

November 19th

Fantasy Intro (C64) logo for Fantasy

November 13rd

Fantasy Intro (C64) logo for Fantasy

November 2nd

Worldwar (C64) music from 'Suitable'


Summer Code I (C64) music from 'Cruelcruncher V1.2'

July 15th

Fantasia (C64) music from 'Cruelcruncher v1.2'

May 14th

A Lot of Coke!! (C64) font

February 26th

Oriental II (C64) music from 'Cruelcruncher v1.2'