July 30th

Chopper Commander (C64) imported the NATO crack

BBS: NFL East +1-201-251-7331, NFL Cent +1-515-244-1978, NFL West +1-619-233-9281

July 8th

Super Pac-Man (C64) +2 trained the Eagle Soft Inc. crack

BBS: NFL East +1-201-251-7331, NFL West +619-233-9281, NFL Central +1-515-244-1978

members: Gigolo, Imperial Wizard, Quase, Metroplex, KRS-One, BlueWater

April 14th?

Aftershock (C64) released in co-op with Abyss + Alien + The Survivors

BBS: NFL HQ East +1-201-251-7331, NFL HQ West +1-619-233-9281

October 11th