January 1st

Unstable (C64) graphics for Second Dimension

April 17th

Black Rain (C64)

BBS: Black Rain +1-518-381-4678

October 21st

Snikt! (C64)

BBS: Random Access +1-916-399-5253 (whq)

Arramon joins

July 1st

Addictive (C64) code & sprite for Arcane


Bonfire (C64)


BBS: Temple of Darkness +1-619-789-2798

December 31st

Flammable (C64)

BBS: Divine Chaos +1-315-656-0849 (hq), The Casino +1-303-693-7335 (tq), Temple of Darkness +1-619-789-2798 (west)

Moonball joins

members: Tiamat, Too Tall, Dokken, The Gambler, Moonball, Warnock, Magazine, Static, Strange Illusion

October 5th

Pyromania (C64)

BBS: Run for Your Life +1-708-554-3168 (hq), Divine Chaos +1-315-656-0849 (ne), The Casino +1-303-693-7335 (mw), Skid Row +1-216-238-0697 (n), +1-619-789-2798 (w)

Dokken joins

members: Tiamat, Gambler, Static, Alias, Dokken, Too Tall

September 17th

Show 'em What ya Got (C64) released in co-op with Forces of Evil

BBS: +1-708-554-3168 (hq), +1-315-656-0849 (ne)

Static and Hellraiser join

members: Tiamat, Too Tall, Static, Hellraiser, Blaster