late? February

Color Buster (C64) imported & NTSC fixed the Chromance crack for Empire

February 22nd

Frogger '93 (C64) imported & NTSC fixed the The Ruling Company crack for Empire

BBS: Galaxy High +1-718-629-2657

January 1st

Unstable (C64)

BBS: Galaxy High +1-718-629-2657

Wolfgang leaves and Image joins

members: Twilyte, Ruffian, Quest, Codey, Kid Nice, Image

October 30th

BBS: Galaxy High +1-718-629-2657

September 2nd

Foot on Fire (C64)


Certified (C64)

members: Tragedy, Ruffian, Magazine, Quest

July 3rd


Bonfire (C64) logo for Arson