after May 14th

Goblin, Flamingo and Waco leave

Tycoon leaves and joins Light

May 14th (Horizon & Equinoxe Copy Party)

Harbinger II (C64)

members: Elric, Syncro, Banshee, Golem, Tycoon, Leader, Injun, Hardcorps; sub-group Light: Goblin, Flamingo, Waco

before May 14th

Jaggadash and Phaeton leave

between March 25th - May 12th

they join Federation Against Ikari


Last Duel (C64) cracked & +3 trained

BBS: +1-215-434-3946, +1-718-857-9285

Gaunt leaves and joins Fairlight

members: Elric, Tycoon, Goblin, Injun, Syncro, Golem, Waco, Flamingo, Hardcorps

March 29th

Dan Cooper (C64) imported the Orion & Array crack

BBS: Import Zone +1-718-857-9285 (main), Hellzone +1-201-670-8554 (east), Warez Its At +1-713-360-3693 (south)

members (USA): Poltergeist, Egghead, Doctor O, Mangar

March 9th

Eliminator (C64) cracked & docs added

late February?

Ace 2088 (C64) cracked


Dynamic Duo (C64) cracked

BBS: Agile HQ USA +1-215-434-3946

some guys join

members: Elric, Tycoon, Syncro, Gaunt, Leader, Injun, Hardcorps, Goblin, Flamingo, Waco, Jaggadash


Bore... (C64) music for Light, already used in 'Monkey -88-'

early January

Fist+ (C64) cracked & +2 trained


Better Dead than Alien (C64) cracked & passwords added

November 29th

Logo Show Nr 0001 (C64) logo by Light

November 25th

Moi Bob and Goblin leave and found Light

November 5th (The Silents Alvesta-Meeting)

Live and Let Die (C64) cracked & +2 trained

BBS: +1-215-434-3946

October 28th

5th Gear (C64) cracked, +10 trained & music ripped


Monkey -88- (C64)


Fox Fights Back (C64) cracked & +1 trained

early October?

Gary Lineker's Super Skills (C64) cracked

BBS: +1-215-434-3946

July 29th

Ikari Intro (C64) code & logo for Ikari

July 5th

Dream Warrior (C64) cracked

June 21st

Alloyrun (C64) debugged the Legend crack

mid June

The Return (C64)

May 28th?

The Flintstones (C64) cracked

Beyond the Ice Palace (C64) cracked & +2 trained

April 30th

G.U.T.Z (C64) cracked & +2 trained

Cleo leaves Xakk and joins

April 1st

NorthStar (C64) cracked & +1 trained

March 26th

Magnetron (C64) cracked

March 19th

Rimrunner (C64) cracked


Bouncing Heads cracked by Light - Docs (C64) music

April 16th

Pappa Bagder (C64) sprite from 'Harbinger'

January 20th

Against Nazis !! (C64) music from 'Monkey -88-'

December 1st

Atomized (C64) music from 'Monkey -88-'


First Over Germany cracked by Fairlight - Docs (C64) music from 'Monkey -88-'

April 8th

New Edition Intro (C64) font

February 23nd

Meeting Demo (C64) font?

December 5th

Why Not Mosh ! (C64) fonts


No Style (C64) font

November 8th

Sick (C64) font

late September

Ikari Intro (C64) code & logo for Ikari

August 29th

Cosmos Intro (C64) font

August 12th

Zealous (C64) font

July 20th

Thrillseeker (C64) font

July 18th

Back←Strike! (C64) font from 'Backdrop Designer'

June 14th

Propulsion (C64) font

June 10th?

Moon (C64) font