TITLE MUSIC (off)   

Once again the four brave consisting of an elf, a warrior, a wizard and a valkyrie storm through many a dungeons full of new evil and bad bad monsters. I like this one better than the first version, the joystick control seems smoother, graphics has more details and level design is tricky.

Commodore 64

© 1987 U.S. Gold    

PAL (NTSC flickers heavily)

Tape / Disk

1 or 2 Players simultaneously

Joysticks in Port 1 and 2 and Keyboard

Original Arcade Design © 1986 Atari Games

C64 Development by Gremlin Graphics

'Game' Coding by Stu Gregg

'Title' Coding by Chris Shrigley

Graphics by Kevin Bulmer

Logo, 1x1 Font and more by Kevin Bulmer
from the game 'Gauntlet'

Music by Ben 'Benn' Daglish

Sound FX by Bill Allen

Support by Tony Porter and Ed Logg

Released in December 1987

Re-released on Tape by Kixx in 198?

Imported to North America on Disk
and NTSC fixed by Mindscape in August? 1989

 NTSC fixed for C128
by Mitch of Eagle Soft Inc.

Cover (U.S. Gold - Tape)

Cover (U.S. Gold - Disk)

Cover (Kixx)

Cover (Mindscape)



1. 16,343 Rough Kirchseeon Level: 10 PAL CCS64 (Mindscape)

1. 8,680 Rough Kirchseeon Level: 5 PAL CCS64

1. 22,299 Rough Kirchseeon Level: 4 PAL CCS64