after November 1st

Yesterdays (C64) music for Focus / Horizon

June 29th

member of Horizon

December 29th (Dexion Party)

Brutal 3 (C64) music for Light / Skyline Technics

October 3rd

A Load of Old Shit (C64) font for Horizon / Super Swap Sweden, already used in 'It's Movin''

May 14th

member of Horizon

between March 25th - May 12th

Party Info #2 (C64) music for Horizon

Telephone: +46-87-113451

March 25th (Ikari & Zargon Party)

Illegal (C64) music for Abnormal / Horizon


Just for Fun (C64) music for Druids & Devils / Horizon

December 29th

member of Horizon

May / June

member of Super Swap Sweden

April 8th (The Silents Alvesta-Meeting)

It's Movin' (C64) graphics for Super Swap Sweden


joins Super Swap Sweden


Angels Intro (C64) music


Cyberpunx Intro (C64) music


Cyberpunx Intro (C64) music


Castor (C64) music from ??? and 'Just for Fun'

September 21st

Arcade Intro (C64) music

late July

Arcade Intro (C64) music

late May

Unicess Intro (C64) music

December 9th

Another Stupid Demo (C64) music from 'Brutal 3'

July 7th

3 Years WOW (C64) music from 'Brutal 3'

December 23rd

Explicit (C64) music


Express (C64) music

February 9th

Solo Style 3 (C64) music

early February

Novation! (C64) music

January 7th

Fullt Oooos (C64) music


Summer Code 3 (C64) font

August 9th

New Gold Dream (C64) music

before July 1st

Tyrant's Birthday (C64) music from 'Party Info #2'

June 20th

Electronic Dreams (C64) music from 'Party Info #2'

May 16th

Abdula Abdash (C64) music from 'Party Info #2'

April 11th

Boonfire Intro (C64) music

April 3rd

Ultra Schmuck! (C64) music

March 25th

Paragon Intro (C64) music from 'Just for Fun'

December 15th

Variety (C64) music from 'Party Info #2'

November 5th

Snurry-Demo (C64) sprites