Success Intro (C64) music for Success / Audial Arts


member of Flash Inc.


Nymphomania (C64) music for Network

late February

Tendance (C64) music for Powers of Pain / Audial Arts

August 18th

joins Audial Arts


Telephone: +31-5430-14817

March 17th (Venlo-Meeting 3/90)

Lightning 2 (C64) code, graphics & music for Union, music already used in 'Impolite'

Address: Softmaster of Union - Goudenregenstraat 18 - 7101 KT Winterswijk - Netherlands

before March 17th

Impolite (C64) music for Union

October 18th

Die! Alien Slime (C64) cracked for Union

September 16th

member of Union

August 19th (Venlo-Meeting 8/89)

Black Desire (C64) music & font for Union


Atlantis Intro (C64) music


Acrise Intro (C64) music from a 'Success Intro'

December 23rd

Pravda #09 (C64) music

July 28th?

Delirious 10 (C64) music

June 7th

Rage (C64) music

April 26th

Assassinate (C64) music

April 20th

Paranoia (C64) music

July 21st

Exodus Intro (C64) music from 'Impolite'

June 29th

Exodus Intro (C64) music from 'Impolite'


Music Selector #01 (C64) music from 'Impolite'


Letkautus (C64) music from 'Impolite'

March 29th

Fresh Intro (C64) music from 'Impolite'

March 28th?

Manowar Intro (C64) music from 'Impolite'


Manowar Intro (C64) music from 'Impolite'


Manowar Intro (C64) music from 'Impolite'

September 2nd

Party Demo (C64) music