November 1st

member of Triad

June 2nd

member of Triad

May 28th?

Rogue Trooper (C64) cracked? for Triad

May 20th?

Metro-Cross (C64) cracked for Triad

March 22nd

member of Triad

March 6th

Laserwheel (C64) cracked for Triad

late January

Chameleon (C64) cracked for Triad

January 28th

Aliens (C64) cracked for Triad

Triad Intro (C64) code? for Triad

October 11th

Brilliant Triad! (C64) graphics for Triad


Asterix and the Magic Cauldron (C64) cracked? for Triad

July 28th

leaves The Pact and founds Triad


member of The Pact